a stellar capture by @colorsinla of a #WRDSMTH #billboardtakeover from earlier this year in North Hollywood that was executed with the help of the experienced hand of @teachr1 

at Vanowen & Vineland
my advice to you
strength 🎀 courage 🎀 hope

Crescent Heights & Sunset
This WRD started off as ‘will write for likes’ until I quickley deleted those words, knowing that setiment was false. First and foremost, I write for me. And when I have completed whatever I’m working on — whether it be a novel, script, story, or WRD — I send my creativity out into the world and hope it resonates. I believe that’s how it should be. ‘Do it for yourself and hope what you do resonates with others.’ Whether you write, act, sing, dance, paint, or however you aim to entertain/benefit others, do it because it makes you happy. And if it makes others happy, drink in the affirmation and keep at it. For me, that translates into “will write for ever.” And that’s the backstory behind today’s WRD.
literary reference meets novel idea

in The Thirty Mile Zone
true story

Sunset Blvd.
because ‘like a fat kid needs cake’ was taken and because, at the heart of it, this is why the heart wants

Sunset Blvd.
it’s easy if you try

Sunset Blvd.
i believe in you. so that makes two of us.

Sunset Boulevard
right? wrong? only.

off Fairfax
this is just a creative way of saying ‘don’t go it alone.’ LA — or any place for that matter — can be a lonely experience and, as always, friends and family are what help you through the hard times and so often are what make the good times so great.

Highland Avenue
that’s a trick question. 
there is no half empty. ever.

Melrose Ave.
live in the moment … especially when #DoingTimeInHollywood /